Walk in to Interviews like a BOSS

It takes just the blink of an eye for the first impression.

Wipe that sweat off and get ready to blow the minds of interviewers.


The Student

You have recently finished your studies and you’re not sure how to create a CV/Resume, you have no clue how to prepare for today’s interviews.

The Old School

You’ve been working for years in the same workplace and things changed, the world is constantly changing and you wish to improve your approach.

The Intrapreneur

You are already working and have a great career ahead of you, your career path is unclear and lost certainty on how advanced and be the amazing Intrapreneur you can be.

Attract more recruiters on LinkedIn and learn how to let the jobs to come to you!


You will learn how to create an outstanding Linkedin profile with the right keywords and making connections and groups, getting weekly job offers and stay on your toes looking for new jobs that pop up.

Advanced techniques to attract more Talent Acquisition teams to step on your doorstep and ask you if you’re interested in some work.

Find the Key to answering Interview Questions

Technical questions aside, let’s talk about the interview questions that are related to “Who you are” and “What kind of person are you”.

As most of us know, when you look for interview questions online, you will get the same questions from the first 50 search results that come up and you will also find the same answers in different variations.

I found one key answer to all of these questions, and that’s Honesty.

Many people get nervous about what if they answer the wrong way, or say something which is not related to the question – perhaps you’re just not sure what the question even means from being so nervous that you’ve no clue what they’re asking you and you get out frustrated thinking “I could have answered better!!!”

So let’s cut the crap, and stick with Honesty, why ?

When you are dishonest, things tend to go wrong more than right, you will appear fake and that’s something not everyone love to see.

However, if you’re honest they can connect with you emotionally as well, understanding you and empathizing with your true and natural answers rather than the fake ones that leave a crappy interview impression and you’ll be just another name on the list.

To know more about this, I provide a lot of detail on this in my course and how it also affect your body language.



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